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Your own Tube Website

Mission Statement

AVideo is dedicated to combatting censorship, ensuring freedom of expression, and enabling users to freely share and access information without barriers.

Open-Source Video Platform

AVideo offers an easy-to-use video sharing solution that supports Video On Demand (VOD) and live streaming. Our platform is designed for anyone looking to launch their own video sharing service or a Netflix-style site, equipped with robust features for content management and distribution.

Professional Services

We provide professional installation and feature development services, designed to help our customers achieve their goals faster. Services are available on our page, catering to various use cases.

Advanced Features

AVideo Platform allows you to create your own video sharing site, offering live streaming capabilities and a responsive design for mobile support. Our platform supports importing and encoding videos from other websites, ensuring compatibility with mobile devices through a responsive layout or a hybrid app for direct video viewing and streaming on your phone.


Key Features

Please note, some features may require a plugin purchase.

Live Streaming & Recording

Engage your audience in real-time with our live streaming feature. This functionality also includes live stream recording for later use.

Restreaming Capability

AVideo supports restreaming, allowing you to broadcast your live streams simultaneously across multiple platforms, expanding your reach and audience engagement.

Protected Video Download

Secure your content with our encrypted HLS download protection feature, preventing unauthorized access and distribution.

Video Download from Multiple Sites

Easily download videos from platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion, among others.

Multi-format Encoding

Our platform supports transcoding to various multimedia formats including HLS, MP4, WebM, and MP3. Plus, create video spectrums on the fly.

CDN Support

Get optimum performance with CDN Support, specially designed to handle high traffic volumes, providing a smooth user experience.

Responsive Themes

Our fluid grid system ensures your site looks spectacular on any device - from mobile phones and tablets to desktops.

User Channels & Playlists

Users can create their own channels and playlists to share content, enhancing user engagement and community building.

User Monetization

Offers various monetization options including Pay-Per-View and Subscriptions, providing users with multiple revenue streams.

Multi-language Support

With support for multiple languages, your platform can reach a wider global audience.

VMAP & VAST Support

Integrated VMAP and VAST support enables sophisticated video ad serving, enhancing your platform's advertising capabilities.

Social Media Oauth2 Login

Streamline user access with secure and convenient social media Oauth2 login, including Facebook and Google Login options.

Online Demo

Netflix Style Sample Site

Explore Our Netflix Sample

Experience a sample Netflix-like site we've created.

Subscribing with a real PayPal account gives you access to our private video collection.

Use the following credentials to understand its functionality:

Username: test Password: test

Video Gallery Style Sample Site

Explore Our Gallery Sample

Experience a sample Video Gallery site, which also doubles as our tutorial site.

You can log in, subscribe, like, dislike, and comment, but video uploads are disabled.

Demo Site with Full Admin Access

Explore Our Full Access Demo

Experience a demo site with complete access to the admin account.

Default admin credentials are required to upload and manage videos:

Username: admin Password: 123

Non-admin credentials, only for commenting, are:

Username: test Password: test

You can also use your Facebook or Google credentials to upload videos and comments.

Although changes to user information are discouraged, any alterations will be reset periodically for security.

You are free to upload as many videos as you wish, but please note that we perform a server refresh daily, during which all videos and the database are replaced.

Wow! Are you ready to download it?

AVideo Platform have few requiriments

Ubuntu LTS

PHP 7.3+

MySQL 5.0+

Apache web server 2.x (with mod_rewrite enabled)

Requiriments Details

Remember it is free.

We are striving to give you better,

Let us install and configure your own AVideo Platform Stream Server for you, so you can focus on your business.

We quickly get your server up and running, ready for Live Streaming.
Services Page


  • Front End

    • Bootstrap V3

    • JQuery

  • Back End

    • Linux

      • Apache
      • NGINX RTMP
      • PHP
      • MySQL


  • Advanced Functionality

    Our design philosophy focuses on functionality and ease-of-use. All features are readily accessible through the main menu, catering to both users and administrators.

  • SEO Optimized

    Leverage the power of the latest HTML5 and cross-browser scripts for your site. We've taken care of SEO for your platform, ensuring optimal search engine visibility.

  • User-Centric Design

    We prioritize user experience in our design philosophy, aiming to make the platform interface as intuitive as possible.

  • Seamless Video Import

    Directly import your videos from major video hosting platforms. Our platform supports Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, MySpace, Flickr, Metacafe,,, and more.

Please note, some features may require a plugin purchase.